About The Story

The story of Mr. Nightingale is one of my childhood experiences. I am not
a fiction writer. My behavior and my little bird’s behavior were truthfully described.

My next story will be about a kind Jewish Rabbis’ family in Iran. I lived
in their home between the ages of five to seven years old. That family
had a profound impact on me. I learned at an early age what it is like to
live under one roof with other religions and cultures and look beyond their
religion or color. Thus, my next book is dedicated to the kind Jewish
family from Iran and all Jewish people around the world who have
impactedmy life since leaving Iran.

The Persian culture taught me that color is not important. We come from
all walks of life and simply call ourselves Parsi, or Persian.

Throughout the next few stories, Maryam learns to stand up for herself in
a male dominated culture as she starts on the path of her teenage years.
My objective is for your child or teenager to grow up with a window into
Iranian culture. I hope you continue looking for my books and I look
forward to reading your reviews on Amazon.com.


Ghazal Omid